Tuesday, June 7, 2011

You have to......

These days I don't feel like blogging much. Been very lazy and thoughts seem to be evading me. 
But I felt a strong urge to scribble something today and rather than writing it down I am filling it here.
What will I talk about other than what happens in my little world. To be writing about the outside world and worldly things, I don't think I have the mettle to do that. Besides, I have decided to keep my life simple, devoid of thoughts that are profound and of otherworldly. For the time being, let my thoughts revolve around me and my little world that comprises those few people who matters most to me. 

Life has taken me through its myriad courses. When I look back I realize after all it wasn't that bad and there were many things I learned in this course of my life.
People come in and go out of our life. Some remain as buddies forever...  Some are easily forgotten.  Some teach us a lot about life.  Some give us a purpose for our life.  Some motivate us.  Some cheer us.  Some pull us down.  Some stay with us forever. Yes, this 'some' includes my family, friends, relatives, and almost everyone who has come into contact with me in this short life of mine. People who stay in our minds for a long time are the ones who have influenced us the most. They are the ones who must have been the very reason for our existence. I'm really lucky to have met some really good people like that. But such people are very less and very rare to find.

I often wonder how human beings influence each other so much so that their lives becomes so intertwined and can never be separated. When we look at the lives of animals, the influence they have on the other members of their own species are not so complex and bounding like what we find in human lives. It's very minimal. God is really strange to have created this human species without which the world would have been very very different place.

I wonder why is it that Yours Truly has become so thoughtful and philosophical today. But she is sometimes. Can't help it.

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