Thursday, May 19, 2011

The 'Low' Episode

Well, back again with a bang!!!
:D ..My own attempts at making my blog entry a little dramatic... A blog with practically no readers but myself needs some self-boosting. But I love this, my blog and its uniqueness- In the sense that I am recording my thoughts in this blog of mine which could be read by some dear and close friends to whom I have shared the link. Though I don't have any regular readers to my blog, it is good. I am in love with my own blog :-) :-o I guess that's called 'pygmalionism.'

Now, coming to my title The 'Low' Episode. Yes, let me explain a little here. It refers to my bouts of low BP tendencies in the past two or three weeks. This low BP episode has become the talk of my colleagues the moment they see me around. The various and numerous advices and suggestions I have been receiving for the past few weeks to increase my BP to its normal -stable level has been tremendous and humongous!!! I mean whenever I meet a colleague or friend of mine who knows about this low BP episode of mine would start giving me suggestions on improving my diet. So much so that now I can advise anyone on the diet for a person with low BP.

To make it clear, it all started with a fainting episode one early morning (few weeks back) followed  by a BP check-up which showed it to be very low. After that incident, whenever I feel dizzy and tired in the middle of the day or in the evening or at times, in the morning itself, I just walk into the clinic in our campus and just get my BP checked by the nurses there. Every time, I get to see a wrinkled brow, a frown, or some strange not-so-fine expression on their faces. They would ask me, "Hey, you don't eat or what? Have lime juice with salt in it!!! Eat loads ma..Have fruits...take care..Have food from canteen".. so on and so forth. After checking a few times, I just stopped going there. Even when I feel dizzy or tired. I would just try my own methods to increase my BP and guess at times I succeed too.

After a few bouts of self-treatment I fell sick again. I mean veryyy low BP this time and finally decided to get home and be done with a thorough medical examination. Well, Dad was summoned as I wasn't allowed to travel alone. Poor Dad, with two daughters, always on wheels to fetch us, drop us, accompany us wherever, whatever and whenever. It feels good to be in the warm security of our dear and near ones. But quite often I do feel guilty for troubling them. Can't help it. I mean in our place a woman can't travel alone after 6pm. We can't take chances by traveling alone early in the morning before sunrise. If we do, then we would be nothing more than the hot topic of discussion in the next day's newspapers and TV channels. People from Kerala will understand why???

Well, coming back to the "Low Episode". I got a thorough medical check up -- blood tests, X-Ray, ECG, Scanning and what not. Spent four thousand bucks. And the results: I'm perfectly ok. No solid reason could be found out for the bouts of Low BP except that my pleasure of skipping my meals and breakfasts of and on was the villain. And Yes, I don't have enough Calcium in my body. I was prescribed to take Ca tablets for a month!
So here goes my anecdote, the low episode of my life! Hopefully bored my readers to death!

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