Sunday, December 5, 2010


"ee mazhanoolil enikku oru oonjaal kettanam
kanda swapnangal ellam cherthu oru mazha aayi peyyanam"

- Lines by a Malayalam poet whose name I don't remember....

Mazha/ rain/ baarish/ mallai (he he... the word 'rain' rendered in all the languages I know) has been the subject of many a poems and stories that I have read. Especially in Indian literature, the monsoons are an integral part of our lives. I am reminded of a Hindi play titled -" Ashad ka ek din" by Mohan Rakesh.  It was a prescribed text in Second Language during my graduation. Somehow this play with its description of ashad (ashad means rain) and its association with the central characters is touching and captivating. It is a tragedy (and I don't like tragedies). But the plot has remained in my mind for a long time.

 I am not that fascinated by the monsoons. I like it if I get to be at home when it rains. I hate to be out when it is raining. I prefer being at the cosiness of my room, watching the rain from windows or balcony, from where I make sure not a single drop wets me. I love watching the rain. I like the look of leaves and plants that are rain-washed and shining. I like it when it feels like all the trees and plants have taken a bath :) Oh! I do like to watch the rain falling on the ground, making patterns and ripples, the sound of rain, musical and lilting, different every time it rains.

My sis and I used to make paper boats and float it in the water that had accumulated in the courtyard of my mom's ancestral home. That was an interesting and fascinating game. I didn't mind getting drenched then. It was just awesome. The very feel and thought of it makes me very nostalgic. Those childhood fantasies and memories... no wonder rain makes people nostalgic and sentimental.

But now, I am very particular and obstinate of the fact that I like monsoon only if I am allowed to stay at home and watch it from a distance. It is so comfortable to cuddle and sleep in your cosy bed when it rains outside.I know I know what you are thinking "Such a lazy goose this female is!!"  :))