Monday, March 28, 2011

Stars Again!!!

It  feels really good to come back. It becomes necessary at times.
My mind is in a tumultuous state and it needs some relaxation and digression. My blog is always the best place for me to return to. I know I won't be judged here. I know I won't be questioned here. I know I won't have to fear anything here. This is my place, solely mine and I can divulge and indulge the way I want. No, I don't mean to say, I am thwarted in any way in my life otherwise. But there are certain things in our life which are beyond us and beyond our capabilities to change or sway according to our wishes. The stars and planets which rule the hearts of many a million, and which people think are the sole reason for the why and when of certain things in our life. I don't know whether I should be cribbing about any of these or just sit back and watch the stage enactments of all these follies and frolics.
Things happen so soon and so slow at times. Seems to me like I am reading a work of fiction. Life has baffled me many a times and it continues still. I really wish I do get a picture of things to be.
I'm getting so philosophical and I guess I must stop now.

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