Friday, February 18, 2011

Homewards :)

Missing my dear and near ones...
Guess I would get over the feeling today as I am going home after a couple of weeks...
I don't understand why at times, some sort of strange and peculiar feelings pop up in me when I don't visit home for a long time. I don't really think it could be termed as "Homesickness" as I am used to staying away from home for many years. But the feeling never goes off. I feel like drinking the water at home, breathe the fresh air, laze around in my home and garden, watch the birds cackling and cooing on a sunny afternoon, the mango trees bearing the first blossoms, the jack fruits ripe and big and many more sights just awaiting my arrival. I feel like watching all this and be a part of all that is happening around that little world of mine where I can be my true self, devoid of chains and worries and rules. It is so nice to be at one's own home and do specifically nothing but just be yourself and relax. That is a feeling inexplicable as far as I am concerned.
So off to home, though I could have started early in the afternoon but was impeded by some unnecessary formalities and stuff.
I am gonna embark on my journey homewards :) Though it is only a matter of five or six hours, it means quite a lot to me.

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