Friday, February 4, 2011


Last few days were spent basically reading, reading and more reading. Well, it's not any literature books as you guess. It was the n number of blogs that I came across. I find it quite amusing. Understanding and observing human nature and behaviour have been one of my favourite past time activities ever since I remember. I feel the blogs do reveal a little about each person's character, likes and dislikes. I stumbled upon the blog of a schoolmate and dear friend of mine. I pinged her after many days and shared my discoveries with her. It was surprising to note a few similarities in character that we possessed which were hitherto unknown to both of us (Both of us being a little sensitive, naive and some of the quirkiness that we shared). It was nice talking to her and reading her posts. I must say her blog is a beautiful collage of her life till date - simple yet interesting!!
In fact the idea of blogging was inspired by one Ms.P, from whom I heard about blogging a few years back, guess it was in 2007. I had in fact declared her as my Tutor in blogging, though I seldom get to interact with her. I wasn't that tech-savvy during those days. I must confess, I was rather ignorant. Not that I am really good now. But I can manage on my own. My typing speed has increased tremendously, to the extent that a few people had even asked me if I have learnt type writing :D.

What I wish to achieve with my experiments in blogging would be as follows:

  • Leave some of my thoughts for my dear and near ones to read after I am no more.
  • As they say, any work of art (I really doubt if there is any art and creativity in mine) is eternal. I think words are eternal.
  • I may wish to convey something to people around me. It could be something which I cannot tell them on face but express in my blog B-)
  • I couldn't help it. I had to pen down some of my thoughts. Excuse me readers! You have to bear with my ramblings.
  • Finally, as I believe there is a writer in me who wishes to liberate the woman in me (Here, I do sound like a 'feminist' - a word which has been truly misunderstood by the majority of humankind).

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