Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What's cooking?

It has been a long long long time since I blogged. I owe a bit of it to the hectic schedules at workplace and now at home too. Being a working woman cum housewife is a real big challenge. I have respect for all the women who have managed both effortlessly.

My cooking experiments have started. To be honest, I didn't know the 'a,b,c,d,....' of cooking like most girls of my generation. I was really getting worked up thinking how to go about it. I knew to make omelette, tea and coffee. That's it and I wasn't proud of it. I know of teenagers, even school-going kids who were more knowledgeable than me when it came to cooking. I wasn't interested in cooking. I used to think cooking is not my cup of tea. But the turn of events, fate or whatever you call it compelled me to enter the kitchen. If you have a mom who is a housewife and who is also a very pampering, protective mom, you would end up being like me. No, am not putting the blame on my mom. As I said before, I was not at all interested in cooking and stuff.

Having read somewhere, the way to your man's heart is through his stomach, I was kind of jittery. I wanted to cook well and really well so that I could keep my husband in good spirits. The biggest challenge for me was that he was a really good cook (a specialist in non-veg dishes). His mom too cooks well. Even after one year into our marriage, I hadn't cooked any delicacies for him and that's when he got a transfer to the same place that I work. And that paved way for me to enter the kitchen.. Sigh! But, that gave me an insight into my own abilities in cooking. To say that I was flabbergasted would be an understatement, because I realized I do have the skills to make something tasty. Be it the small dishes with which I started or the more complicated dishes that I mastered over the course, I did make things that were good, palatable and even I started enjoying the stuff that I made. It was actually a welcome change from the hostel food that I was having for past two years in AVVP. Now, I am not bragging about my culinary skills,but I am surprised.

So things which one thought were impossible earlier, can be made possible. This sure did enhance my confidence. I became a bit proud. Hubby has given various compliments for the things I made in the last eight months. I am happy. I was happy to discover this hidden skill of mine :) A colleague once said, it runs in my genes. My mom is an excellent cook. My Grandpa's favorite hobby was cooking. But I have not reached anywhere near them. Am still in the learning and experimenting mode. But I do sometimes feel lazy as well. Just the thought of surprising him with delicacies for the dinner, kind of motivates me. Yes, I do sound at times like a traditional Indian wife :D.


  1. well, this s me, who promised to check ur blog and here i'm. twas nice reading and inevitably got reminded of stream of consciousness technigue, as v were talkg the other day. there's flow which i need to tell u is fine. keep up the work!


  2. Nice.. Twinkle.. I discovered certain aspects of your personality which I wasn't aware of before.. in spite of having known you for about three years...you are able to sustain the interest of reader through every line. What more does a successful blogger need?