Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Musings on my career paths...

A career that is fulfilling, encouraging and satisfying is the dream of a great many people in this world. Very few can vouchsafe for sure that their job is the best or the most appeasing in terms of job-satisfaction, remuneration and motivation. Human needs and desires are endless. Can we declare our job at a particular point of time in our career to be the best or the most suitable one? Or do we always strive for something ideal in our own fields?

I strongly believe that a job that is satisfying and up to our expectations can make tremendous change in our life. The job that we engage ourselves in can have a considerable influence on our life. I don't think that money is the only reason why people go to work. It is one of the reasons but there are other intense reasons as well. Of course, there are people who work only for making more money which they think is the indispensable necessity of life.The kind of well-being that we get after contributing some thing of ourselves in a cause or project that is not directly related to us but which is for a greater and nobler cause makes us feel unique and distinctive.

Teaching, I believe is one such field of work which never exhausts you. New faces, young energy, the enthusiasm and the eagerness to learn that we find in some students - this makes this profession incomparable with any job in the world. People can disagree but I thoroughly enjoy my job. The satisfaction of handling a session well, delivering fragments of knowledge and wisdom to the students who are eager to learn, the simple pranks that we get to see in the class - all this makes teaching a memorable experience in one's life. It is not just imparting knowledge to the students, it is more of a self-learning that I gain every day of my teaching. Knowledge is vast and no one can ever claim to say that someone has mastered everything...this is all the knowledge in the world..I have acquired it. It is just impossible. I have learned a lot by just listening, observing and imbibing whatever I could by simply being as silent and unassuming as possible.

A good job can mould, transform and ennoble the person that we are. A place where one gets recognized for the efforts one puts in is truly motivating in the initial days of the career. But it seldom happens and when it happens it is really inspiring.
A career as far as I am concerned is my destiny...my key to self-realization and personal satisfaction.

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