Thursday, October 21, 2010

Life is a tale....

"Life is a tale told by an idiot..full of sound and fury..signifying nothing" lines by Shakespeare from his famous tragedy 'Macbeth'. I have felt many a time, these words are really an echo of the fragile human life in this temporary abode of man called earth. When we look back at our life, things we valued most during a period of life mean nothing now. An absolute vacuum. But life has to go on.It will go on, leaving behind all that we tried to possess, cherish and adore. Things are not as they seem. Something that we thought had a great influence on us will in a matter of time 'signify nothing'. The great lessons that life teaches us remains a lesson learnt for a lifetime. Life is a great teacher. Every phase of your life teaches great lessons. Words that used to make you happy once would make you abhor it later. Memories are like the beautiful sights of nature that you had seen once and which becomes a replica in your mind forever. The thought of it brings in a rush of emotions. I am sounding like a philosopher or rather like a paganist. But I like being one. I wish I could solve all the intricacies of this complex phenomenon called life. Be God - like. Be able to see through everything. Wonder what a terrible experience it would be. I guess that makes Gods different from us. Life is also like these notes I wrote above. No clear beginning and you never know the ending. You never know the paths that you have to travel. But one thing I know today is that I am not what I used to be. And that is what made me endevour this recording of my thoughts as it-came-to- my- mind. There was a term I studied. I guess its called Stream of Consciousness. Critics can attribute my ramblings to be a fake and futile attempt to emulate the Stream of Consciousness. I don't mind being criticized. I don't bother. This is my space (I guess so..I don't know much about a blogger's rights!!). Let me write what I feel. I have learnt to take better care of myself and not be selfless. Selfishness I guess is an essential skill to be adopted in today's rather selfish and callous world. This is enough for today. May I be redeemed by my writings to be a better human being. Not all can be like me!

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